Best Dog Vitamins (Boost Your Dogs Health With Supplements!)

Best Dog Vitamins
Written by Graeme Hall

I bet you take a daily multivitamin, it's part of your morning regimen, you take it without even thinking about it, it's become part of your normal day-to-day life. But, have you ever looked down at your dog and thought maybe he’s missing out and he might benefit from taking dog vitamins.

You're not alone, many pet owners think the exact same thing. The good news is that dogs can take vitamins and actually it’s big business, and they're readily available (if you know where to look). Many dog owners are now trying to ensure that their canine buddies are getting proper nutrition and one way they're doing this is to supplement their dog's food by giving their dog's vitamins.

However, just like humans, supplements are as the name suggests “supplements,” and your dog still needs to have real food. To be honest, your dog is most probably getting a good amount of vitamins and minerals from their kibble, but additional dog vitamins can be beneficial (in some cases).

Vitamins and supplements can be crucial in maintaining your dog’s overall health, and a deficiency of a particular vitamin can cause serious health problems, which can sometimes have long-lasting effects.

The best dog vitamins come with a host of health benefits for your dog as well as extra minerals and vitamins he might not get in his regular food. They can help aid in your dog's digestion, promote skin and coat health, and help to keep vital organs healthy - and much more.

Does Your Dog Need Vitamins?

As I mentioned briefly above, the chances are that your dog is already getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs from his dog food, most of the best dog food brands already add additional supplements to the food.

The problem arises if your dog is eating homemade “human” meals, which are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners wanting to feed their dog the best. We are all for giving your pooch the best food you can afford, but human food is often lacking in the vitamins and mineral a dog needs for a healthy life. This is where you can help to supplement your dog's diet by giving them some dog supplements which they would otherwise miss out on.

Many of best-rated dog vitamins are manufactured with the current diet trend for dogs in mind. They know loving dog owners are feeding their pups home-cooked meals rather than kibble or dog food and they've produced dog vitamins that help to ensure that your pooch is getting the required levels of vitamins and nutrients to live a healthy life.

But, it's up to dog owners to carefully pick the right dog vitamins to go along with their homemade doggy meals to ensure a well-rounded, balanced diet for their dog. Before you embark on a supplementing your dog's diet with vitamins, it’s always best to check with your veterinarian to avoid over dosage or even hypervitaminosis.

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Less is More: Possible Dangers of Dog Vitamins

Before you give your dog vitamins, make sure they aren't already getting a good amount from their dog food or kibble. As I mentioned previously, most good dog food brands go to great lengths to make sure that your dog food contains the right proportions of minerals and vitamins, and adding more dog vitamins along with their regular food can throw this delicate balance completely out of whack (not good!).

According to PetMD, giving your dog too many vitamins and minerals might be dangerous. For example, calcium is great for the health of your dog's bones. However, if  they're given too much, it can harm the skeletal system of your dog. Which brings me back to the delicate balance of your dog's diet, it's tricky to estimate what your dog needs and usually, the best way to provide the vitamins and minerals your dog requires is through their regular dog food.

Can I Give My Dog Human Vitamins?

One of the biggest questions I hear is whether dogs can take human vitamins. The answer is NO, here's why. Even though most dogs can stomach human vitamins in a tablet, capsule or syrup form, it's too dangerous to give them the supplements and vitamins we humans take.

The main reason is the dosage. Humans and dogs have completely different levels of metabolism. The weight computation is also a huge difference, so giving your dog the wrong dosage is a real danger. Some filler ingredients found in human vitamins can also be a problem for your K9 which can cause your dog to get a sensitive stomach among other ailments.

If you're going to give your K9 buddy vitamins always choose the best vitamins for dogs - NOT those manufactured for humans!

What Are The Best Vitamins For Dogs?

Hopefully, now you understand just how tricky it can be to choose the right dog vitamins and to maintain the perfect balance between supplementation and your dog's real food. In all honestly, choosing the correct vitamins should be left to your local veterinarian who can recommend the best supplementation for your dog breed and their dietary requirements.

However, some dog vitamins can be safely introduced into your dog's diet that he most probably isn't getting in his regular food. For example, digestive enzymes (probiotics) that help to promote a healthy digestive tract and Omega oils are among the best vitamins for a dog's coat and skin.

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Best Rated Dog Vitamins To Keep Your Pooch In Tip-Top Shape!

If all this dog supplementation is getting confusing, don’t fret because we have done the legwork for you and have picked out some of the finest dog vitamins available in the market that have been reviewed and recommended by both real pet owners and veterinarians. Let's take a look.




Our Rating



Amazing Nutritionals

Chewable bacon and liver flavored dog supplements



Full vitamin supplement for dogs.


Pet MD

Advanced Multivitamins for Dogs


Pet Naturals

Veterinarian recommended formula


Nutrition Strength

Omega 3 Wild Fish Oil for Dogs

* More details on each supplement can be found at the bottom of this article.

The Different Types of Dog Supplements 

Below are some of the popular supplements to give to your dog, all or a combination of these will keep your dog in great shape.


Multivitamins for dogs provides a balanced combination of much-needed minerals and vitamins that will help to keep your dog in optimum health and keep his coat and skin in great shape. All the best dog multivitamins are carefully combined in just the right amounts to give your dog his recommended daily allowance.

Dog multivitamins don't focus on just one type of mineral or supplement but instead combine all the essentials into one tablet - just like multivitamins for humans.


Probiotics for dogs are a great supplement for your canine buddy, and most veterinarians agree. By giving your pup probiotics, you will help to promote good health of the gastrointestinal system. Probiotic is a name given to friendly microbes that live in the digestive system (bacteria and yeasts).

In fact, at any given time there are billions (yes billions) of these healthy probiotics living inside all animals (and humans). They help to aid in the digestion of food, and they also contribute to fighting off any nasty pathogens and help to bolster the immune system.

Probiotics can sometimes get damaged or destroyed which can cause a decline in the health of your dog and can leave him with an upset stomach. If your dog loves yogurt, the chances are that he’s already getting some extra benefit from probiotics.

Herbal Supplements

Dog self-medicating with herbs and plants is nothing new. In fact, thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks observed that dog's had an ability to choose and eat specific wild herbs to stimulate healing.

Today, herbal supplements for dogs have come a long way, and they've been researched and perfected to promote a holistic approach to canine well-being. When used correctly (as recommended by a holistic veterinarian) herbal medicine for dogs can turn around the diminishing health of old, senior dogs or any dog that is suffering from sickness.

The best herbal supplements for dogs can help to improve the functionality of vital organs, contribute to strengthening the immune system, and aid in overall body wellness of your pooch. They can derive herbal supplements from a single natural herbal source, or they can be from a combination of over several herbs.

Recommended Vitamins For Dog's (More Details)

Below you will find more details on each of our preferred dog supplements, all of these will help your dog to lead a healthier happy life. 

Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic for Dogs

Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic for Dogs

If you are looking for a probiotic for your dog, look no further than these from Amazing Nutritionals. This chewable bacon and liver flavored dog supplements are perfect for any dog that hates taking regular pills or is prone to allergies.

These chewable snack size dog treats help to promote a healthy digestive system and the added ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM help towards healthy joints, brain, liver, and heart.

Amazing Nutritionals are made in the USA and are a great option for puppies, adult or even senior dogs. Definitely among some of the best vitamins currently available for dogs and one we recommend.

Nutri-Pet Nupro All Natural Supplement for Dogs

Nutri-Pet Nupro All Natural Supplement for Dogs

Nupro All Natural Dog Supplement is probably one of the most comprehensive vitamins supplements for dogs. The formula can provide support for your dog's digestive system, immune system, cardiovascular function, and aids in a healthy coat and skin in your dog. Everything your dog could need can be found in this top-rated dog supplement.

Nutri-Pet Nupro comes in a powder form that can be mixed into a tasty gravy which you can then pour over your dog's regular food. Many dog owners find that their canine buddies love the taste of this supplement and some even discover that their once picky eater can't get enough of his food once they add the “gravy”.

Pet MD Advanced Multivitamins for Dogs

Pet MD Advanced Multivitamins for Dogs

Another good Multivitamin option for your dog is this offering from Pet MD. Pet MD is suitable for active puppies all the way through to older senior dogs and can be given as a chewable treat, or you can break it up and sprinkle over their regular food.

Pet MD Advanced Multivitamins have been formulated to give your pooch all the nutrients they need and help to promote good health, as well as improved skin and coat.

Pet Naturals Of Vermont Daily Multi Dog Chews

Pet Naturals Of Vermont Daily Multi Dog Chews

Your dog's will love these - this offering from Pet Naturals Of Vermont is a veterinarian recommended formula vitamin supplement for dogs of all ages, from puppies through to old senior dogs. 

They’re chewable and will help your furry friend to maintain their optimal health with much need and vital nutrients and vitamins. This particular supplement contains over 25 dog-loving nutrients, including important antioxidants to support the immune system and aid in the overall health of your canine buddy.

For most dogs, this 30 piece pack will be enough for one month worth of vitamins. But if you have a larger dog (over 75 lbs) he will need to take two chewables per day which means you’ll need two bags per month.

Omega 3 Wild Fish Oil for Dogs Nutrition Strength

Omega 3 Wild Fish Oil for Dogs Nutrition Strength

Our final recommended dog vitamin supplement is the Nutrition Strength Omega 3 Wild Fish Oil for Dogs. These fish oil supplements contain the perfect amount of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids that veterinarians recommend for your pooch.

Your dog will reap the benefits of Nutrition Strength Omega 3 from the very first dose. After prolonged use, your canine buddy can expect to have a healthier brain function, healthy skin, along with cardiovascular and heart benefits and much more.

These are among one of the highest-rated Omega-3 fish oil for dogs that we've found. If you want to give your dog fish oils supplements, this is one the definitely try. Each bottle contains 180 dog fish oil pills so you should have enough for 1 or two months depending on the size of your dog.

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