About Us

Graeme’s expertise in training dogs spans nearly 15 years and in 2014 he became the first certified dog instructor of The Kennel Club Accredited Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (KCAI) in Aylesbury, United Kingdom.

The Kennel Club is recognized throughout the UK and even World Wide as being one of the number one professional bodies for people who provide training and advice on dog behavior.

Graeme has also graduated from The University of Sheffield with a Bachelor of Science degree BSc (Hons) in Canine Behaviour & Training once he had completed his Foundation Degree (FdSc) in Canine Behaviour and Training in 2013.

Graeme is also the founder of Doggytastic!, which is where he blogs about dog training, health, nutrition and anything else related to keeping a dog happy and healthy.

Working with rescue dogs is something especially close to Graeme’s heart. Not only has Graeme worked with many rescue centers across around the globe, but Graeme also owns a rescue dog himself – Charlie; which due to his aggressive behavior had had 4 previous owners before he was even 14 months old.

With Graeme’s scientific approach to dog behavioral issues, his practical skills, combined with using force-free methods to manage and train dogs is respected by his peers and pet dog owners alike.

Welcome to my blog!

Graeme C. Hall