Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?
Written by Graeme Hall

We all know the health benefits of bananas, right? We use these delicious yellow fruits in smoothies, sliced up on top of our favorite cereals, or found tucked away in your child’s lunchbox. But what about your furry friend, can dogs have bananas?

If you're looking for the quick answer whether can dogs eat bananas, the answer is yes. Bananas for dogs is perfectly okay, in moderation.

This is great news for your pooch who's probably wagging his tail eagerly and salivating in front of you at this very moment. But if you have a bit more time, I strongly suggest that you continue reading through this article to find out exactly why you still need to restrict your dogs banana portions.

Are Bananas Good For Dogs?

While many other fruits might be toxic to your dog, thankfully bananas aren't one of them. Feeding your dog bananas can actually be beneficial and let's be honest, they’re a perfect change from those boring dog chews. However, just like humans, you’ll want to avoid giving your dog the banana peel.

When it comes to "dogs and bananas" the high levels of potassium, vitamin B, and C can provide your pooch with some much-needed goodness that may be otherwise lacking from their regular dog food. But always keep in mind that what your dog really needs to be healthy and in shape is a quality meat-based canine-formulated diet - they can't live on banana alone!

Even though bananas are good for your dog, it doesn’t mean completely replacing their meals with these yellow fruits, why not use a piece of banana as a treat? 

Speaking of dog treats, there are actually these Banana Crisps Treat for Dogs which are a great ready-made alternative - trust me your dog will love these!

So now you know dogs can eat bananas let's find out a bit more additional information on these yellow fruits and the effects they can have on your dog.

How Much Banana Can A Dog Eat?

The amount of bananas a dog can eat isn’t one rule for all and the safe amount to give your dog really depends on their size and weight. If you overfeed your dog bananas, you may end up paying a visit to your local veterinarian (more on the risks below).

However, with that being said, typically for a medium-sized dog you can safely feed them half a banana a couple of times throughout the week. Smaller dogs should be okay with only a few small pieces.

Corgi eating a banana

What Are The Risks of My Dog Eating Bananas?

Bananas are packed full of potassium, now while this nutrient is very healthy is can also be detrimental to your dog in large doses. Excessive amounts of potassium in your dog's diet might lead to heart complications, though very rare, and a lot of bananas would have to be consumed, there is a risk with high potassium intake in dogs.

On the plus side, giving your dog the occasional banana is an excellent way to boost your pooches digestive system and overall health. But remember, less is more!

Bananas And Digestive Health

Many vets recommend giving your dog bananas if they're suffering from inflammation of the colon colitis, and any other problems associated with the bowel. Bananas are packed with healthy enzymes which can help to soothe irritations and problems in the intestines of dogs.

Adding bananas to a dog's diet can also control and ease "spasm of the colon", but again, less is more and too much can actually have an adverse effect which is way portioned size really matters when you feed bananas to your dog.

Bananas As Dog Treats

Trust me, your dog will "go bananas" for a piece of banana instead of his regular dog treat. Use a piece of banana as a reward, perfect for when you're training and trying to stop your dog from peeing in the house. Raw natural bananas are obviously the best option for your dog instead of processed chips due to the added preservative - however, dried natural pieces are also perfectly fine.

Benefits of Dogs Eating Bananas

And finally, a bit more on the benefits of bananas. All fruits in general are packed full of high levels of minerals and vitamins making this fruit beneficial for both humans and your K9 friends.

I especially consider bananas to be one of the most nutritious fruits, they're high in antioxidants which can be beneficial to your dog's coat, and skin plus the added vitamin C can also aid in boosting your dog's overall immune system.


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