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Best Electronic Dog Training Collars (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2018)

Best Electronic Dog Training Collars
Written by Graeme Hall

Do you have a stubborn dog that never seems to listen? You've tried everything and exhausted all other training methods, and still, nothing seems to work, maybe it’s time to try using a dog training shock collar. I know what you're thinking, aren't those electronic training collars inhumane?

I thought the same until I delved a little deeper and did a bit of research and I discovered that when used correctly a shock collar with a remote is a great tool to get your dog following your commands in little to no time at all. But I must stress, that this training approach should be used as a last resort, and you should try other methods first.

There are various types of dog training collars in the marketplace, and some are better than others; also there are a few brands that I wouldn't use on my dog due to the e-collars giving too much of an electronic shock, which isn't acceptable.

If you're on the fence and unsure if this training method is the right option for you, don't worry because I've done the research for you and handpicked some of the best electronic dog training collars that won't hurt your dog. In fact, most will simply vibrate like a pager or a telephone. Every dog is trainable with patience and the right tools.

What Is A Dog Training Collar?

Before we get ahead of ourselves I'm sure some of you are still wondering what a dog training shock collar is, so here’s a brief explanation. Basically, a good electric training collar will give you the ability to communicate with your dog wirelessly via a remote control device.

If your K9 buddy isn't responding to your commands, or if he's mischievous (maybe chasing chickens or ducks) a quick vibration on the neck will bring him back in check. Depending on the radio receiver in the collar, your electronic dog training collar can work from hundreds of feet or even up to a mile on some the highest end products.

Most e-collars come with various settings, and yes some shock, but that doesn't mean you need to electronically shock your dog. In fact, most of the time a vibration or tone is all that's required for obedience training. The shock collar isn't intended to be cruel and in all honesty that setting should only be used as a last resort when your dog is running off over the horizon with no intention of coming back.

Do Training Shock Collars Hurt Your Dog?

The short answer is NO.

The best dog training shock collar from a reputable manufacturer will not do any harm. In fact, they design most to produce a slight pulse when in the shock setting that feels more like a punch on the skin, very much like the feeling of a static shock we as humans often encounter.

From the dog’s perspective, this pulse scares them more than hurts them, and this punch effect is enough to stop them in their tracks. These shock pulse waves travel through the skin and into the muscles of your dog which causes an unpleasant feeling.

Best Dog Training Shock Collar (Top Picks 2018)

However, that doesn't mean that all e-collars are the same, so it’s important to pick out a recommended dog shock collar with remote like those listed below, rather than gambling by buying blind and not researching (your dog will thank you for it!).

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Our first recommendation is the Educator e-collar remote dog training collar. This dog training collar is the most humane on the list and doesn't shock your dog at all - rather the Educator uses a tapping sensation (similar to vibration) to train and communicate with your dog. There are 100 different vibration settings with an additional boost stimulus setting from 1 to 60.

A neat feature on this training collar is the Pavlovian Tone setting when this mode is in use your dog will first hear a ½ second sound which is then followed by stimulation. This setting is perfect for a dog that's new to shock training collars and will allow them to quickly learn to associate the tone with stimulation, at a later date your dog will respond to just the sound, and the stimulation can be removed completely.

The Educator has an impressive range of up to ½ a mile so keeping your dog in check from a distance shouldn't be an issue with the Educator.

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer

If your dog is a working dog and you're looking for the best dog collar for field training and working closely with your K9, the SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer is a great option. With a 500 yard range and the ability to train three dogs simultaneously via one remote, you should have no problem keeping your dogs in check while out hunting or training in the yard.

The SportDOG comes with an array of different settings, and you can choose from 7 low to medium stimulation modes and 7 medium to high modes depending on how far along your dog is in their training. Vibration and tone modes are also available and can be used in tandem depending on your dog training needs.

The SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer is also waterproof, and you'll have no problem submerging this e-collar to depths of up to 25 feet.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote

The Pet Resolve dog shock collar with remote is another option we love. Pet Resolve pride themselves on providing high-quality products and their dog training e-collar doesn't disappoint. This collar comes with an impressive 10 levels of correction from a simple vibration, a tone, and lastly a shock, if the button is held down for 8 seconds. In most cases, your dog will respond to a tone and a vibration, always use a shock setting as the very last resort when all else fails.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar can train three dogs at the same time all from a single remote receiver, and with a range of up to ¾ of a mile, this collar is perfect for training hunting dogs or keeping a check on your dog in a large park.

If your dog loves to swim, you should have no problem allowing your K9 buddy to enjoy the water because the Pet Resolve system is completely waterproof.

Dogtra IQ Remote Trainer

Dogtra IQ Remote Trainer

If you're shopping for a small, compact training e-collar look no further than the Dogtra IQ Remote Trainer. This dog shock collar with remote is among some of the smallest available, but don't let its compact size fool you because it still has an impressive 400-yard range and up to 100 various simulation settings.

The Dogtra IQ Remote Trainer features 3 different stimulation modes from a basic vibrate to continuous stimulation depending on the training intensity for your dog's needs. This shock system is also waterproof and also come with a 2-hour rapid charge.

Garmin Delta XC Bundle

Garmin Delta XC Bundle

The final recommendation is from a reputable brand known for their robust GPS systems - Garmin. The Garmin Delta XC Bundle allows you to train up to 3 dogs at the same time, all from one remote unit and up to ½ a mile away. A great feature of this e-collar dog training system is the replaceable contact points which enables you to fit the collar onto long haired or short-haired dogs.

Garmin Delta XC Bundle features 18 stimulation settings from a basic momentary mode through to a tone and vibration combination and up to 3 custom correction configurations, with the amount of custom presets you should have no problem keeping your dog in check.

Electronic Dog Training Collar Stimulation Modes

All dog training shock collars work similarly, and you'll find that they will all come with the same features and stimulation modes. Below is a quick breakdown of the most common modes you'll find on the best e-collars.


Almost all dog training collars will feature a continuous setting. This setting allows you to give a shock for as long as you continue to hold down the button on the remote receiver. This mode is the preferred setting for dog trainers who are just starting out with a new misbehaving dog.

Most of the top-rated e-collars will have a safety feature built-in to this setting which will cut off the sensation after 10 seconds to ensure that your dog isn't stimulated for long periods of time.


Many training collars will also have a momentary mode which sends a quick pulse to the collar which lasts for a fraction of a second, no matter how long you hold down the button on the remote receiver.

This is the preferred setting for dogs that are already following commands and don't need a more intense shock; they just need a brief stimulation to get their attention, without overdoing it.


This is our favorite function of the electronic dog training collars, the tone setting. This mode allows you to move away from the shock setting and train your dog using an auditory tone. The sound mode should be incorporated with the shock setting in early training, your dog will become accustomed to hearing the tone before the shock, and eventually, you can remove the shock altogether and just use the tone.


The vibration setting is another setting we recommend and can be used in the same way as the tone mode. When set correctly you can send a vibration just before it delivers a shock to the collar and eventually (just like the tone setting) you can correct your dog with the vibration alone.

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